MEE Smart pft Spiro

Simplicity, precision and design as a symbiosis

Small USB Spirometry device in robust aluminum box .The aluminum housing covers a combined temperature and humidity sensor as well as an ambient pressure sensor for automatic BTPS correction. All connectors are color coded to avoid confusion. The flow sensor dead space is < 30 ml; it is physically linear and requires no software linearity correction. Flow sensor type is a variable orifice with low resistance at all flow rates. It is not influenced by breathing humidity. A 14 pin connector at the bottom side allows firmware upgrading as well as option upgrading for Resistance- and Respiratory drive tests.3D stand, shutter and adapter for filters are available as option. USB 2.0 interface for a simple and safe PC connection. A comfortable report generator allows modification of existing print templates and to create new print templates. Safe auto zeroing means, the patient can breathe during the zeroing procedure. Ambient condition sensors make the manual input of these data unnecessary. We want to make the lung function testing as safe and simple as possible.  The test software is programmed using C# for .NET, a SQL server based data base guarantees a save data management in large networks and high data volume.

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