MEE Smart pft Spiro Touch

An extaordinary desktop spirometer

World’s first this kind of spirometer with touch screen and direct printer connectivity. The robust anodized housing is made from massive aluminum provides extra mechanical protection. The integrated display is sealed with the housing to allow surface disinfection with spray. The display includes a capacitive touch screen for simple use. The aluminum housing covers all BTPS sensors to measure ambient- temperature, pressure and humidity. All external connectors are pin or color coded to avoid cable mismatch. The flow sensor is a Pneumotachograph type with a variable orifice. The effective dead space is< 30 ml and back pressure is < 0,065 kPa/l*s @ all flow rates. The flow/pressure relation is physically linear, so no further software correction is required. The influence of water vapor is < 1% absolute. The system includes rechargeable batteries, this allows you to use the machine for several hours without external power supply, even optional tests like Ro cc, P0,1,Pi max & Pe max.This mobile system allows bed side and field measurements. An A4 standard printer can easily be connected via WLAN, Bluetooth and USB. Tests for airway resistance (Rocc) and respiratory drive (P0, 1, Pi-max, Pe-max) as well as challenge testing can be added as options.

A built in report generator allows to create new templates but also modifying existing templates.BDT and GDT interfacing as well as labeled PDF prints are available as options. Networking by WLAN or USB is also a possible option.

****Safe auto zeroing avoids drift problems. All sensors are isolated from the patient breathing during zeroing. BTPS corrections are determined automatically and frequently. It is our goal to simplify lung function testing to the comfort of the patients.

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